Creating a sacred space in your home is a powerful way to cultivate positive energy, mindfulness, and a deeper connection with yourself. One beautiful and transformative way to establish a sacred space is through the creation of a crystal altar. In this blog post, we will explore the art of crafting a crystal altar, providing you with tips on setting up and maintaining this sacred sanctuary.

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The Power of Crystal Altars:

A crystal altar is a sacred arrangement of crystals, sacred objects, and meaningful items that serve as a focal point for meditation, intention setting, and spiritual practices. It is a space where you can connect with the energy of the Earth, your higher self, and the divine. Crystal altars help to anchor and amplify your intentions, creating a harmonious environment for self-reflection, healing, and personal growth.

Setting Up Your Crystal Altar:

Building a crystal altar is a deeply personal and intuitive process. We offer you guidance on selecting crystals, choosing sacred objects, and arranging them in a way that resonates with your energy and intention. Whether you desire a serene and calming altar for meditation or a vibrant and energizing altar for manifestation, our tips will help you create a sacred space that aligns with your spiritual journey.


1. Intention Clarify the purpose and intention for your altar. Is it for meditation, manifestation, healing, or spiritual connection? Setting a clear intention will guide the selection of crystals and objects for your altar.

2. Sacred Space Find a dedicated area in your home for your altar. Choose a location that feels sacred and peaceful, such as a corner of a room, a shelf, or a small table. Cleanse the space energetically with sage, palo santo, or your preferred cleansing method.

3. Crystal Selection Select crystals that align with your intention and resonate with your energy. Choose crystals based on their metaphysical properties and the qualities you wish to cultivate. Consider using a combination of different crystals for a well-rounded and balanced energy. You can filter crystals intentions on our shop page filters.

4. Sacred Objects Incorporate sacred objects that hold personal significance for you. These can include items such as statues, feathers, seashells, or symbols of spiritual importance. These objects infuse your altar with personal meaning and further amplify its energy.

5. Layout and Arrangement Arrange your crystals and sacred objects intuitively or in a specific pattern. Consider using a crystal grid or placing crystals in a geometric shape. Experiment with different arrangements until you feel a sense of harmony and balance.

6. Centrepiece Crystal Choose a centerpiece crystal that anchors and amplifies the energy of your altar. This crystal can be larger or distinctively unique compared to the other crystals on the altar. Crystal Trees or Orgone Pyramids also work really well as centrepiece items.

7. Rituals and Blessings Establish a ritual or blessing to consecrate your altar and infuse it with your intentions. You can light a primal chakra candle, burn incense, or recite affirmations or prayers as part of your ritual.

8. Regular Cleansing and Charging Maintain the energy of your altar by regularly cleansing and charging the crystals. Use methods like smudging, sound cleansing, moonlight, or intention setting to keep the crystals and the altar energetically vibrant.

Maintaining Your Crystal Altar:

Once your crystal altar is set up, it requires regular care and attention to maintain its energy and effectiveness. Use essential maintenance practices, including cleansing and charging your crystals, refreshing the energy of your altar, and creating a ritual of connection and gratitude. By nurturing and tending to your crystal altar, you ensure that it remains a sacred space of positive energy and inspiration.


If purchased from Primal Chakra your product will arrive Reiki Energy Charged. We have a fully qualified in house Reiki healer who charges all Primal Chakra products with positive and healing vibrations and energy. Crystals are a powerhouse receiver and transmitter of this kind of energy and boosts and enhances the healing crystals already powerful healing properties.


On the next full moon, place your healing crystal on your windowsill to soak up the luna energy. This will cleanse your crystal.


  1. Hold the crystal tightly in your left hand. (Your left side is your receiving side.)
  2. Stand next to a window or outdoors in natural light.
  3. Say the phrase "I dedicate this crystal to the highest good. I ask that it be used in love and light."
  4. Then think about what you need support for, be it landing a new job, looking after yourself better. While holding your crystal try to visualize and feel what it would be like to acheive these intentions. This will help program your crystal to that use.
  5. Once you have done this end on saying aloud. -"I dedicate this crystal for the ."