Blue Howlite





Mind / Emotional Benefits

Insight, Awareness, Calming, Self-Improvement, Peace, Enlightenment, Peace, Soothing, and Tranquility

Physical Benefits

Pain, Bones, and Arthritis,

More About Blue Howlite

As it is soft, soothing, and grounds the energy around you, Blue Howlite is an excellent stone for reducing anxiety, tensions, stress, and rage. Blue Howlite is linked to communication and the throat chakra. Additionally, it is effective at promoting emotional expression and can reduce tension and anger while also assisting in the reduction of pain. Imagine Blue Howlite as your most straightforward, friendly buddy; its basic, calming aura helps you feel at ease. Because of this, it can be helpful for people with insomnia by promoting deep, restful sleep. Its relaxing influence helps to slow down an overactive mind. Howlite can assist in bringing higher wisdoms back into consciousness after awakening by facilitating access to them while in the dream state.