White Turquoise




Throat and Third Eye

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Calming, Reduce Anxiety, Peace, Acceptance, Love, Confidence, and Creativity

Physical Benefits

Throat, Respatory Issues, Allergies, Migraines, and Immune System

More About White Turquoise

White turquoise is a popular healing and purification stone. Historically this stone has been used as an amulet for its protecting and purifying properties. It absorbs negative energies and dissolves our feelings of selfishness, self-martyr, self-sabotage, stress, and other forms of self-harm. Furthermore, it has been used for its protection against electromagnetic smog caused by electronics around us. It also promotes our communication with both the spiritual and the physical realms. White turquoise enhances our spiritual realm by balancing our chakra and expanding our consciousness. Moreover, It is a perfect stone for meditation as it enhances our awareness.
White turquoise stone’s strengthening components facilitate our spiritual growth and mental well-being. It also boosts our immune system, stimulates tissue regeneration, enhances our world of knowledge, revitalises romantic love, and brings prosperity and good luck. We often find it difficult to let go of our past traumas, for example, a hurtful event, an emotional pain, or perhaps something or someone dear to us that we have lost. As a healing and strengthening stone, white turquoise can help us move on from the traumas that tie us down and relieve us from the past events weighing us down.