Smoky quartz





Mind / Emotional Benefits

Depression, Fight Negative Energy, Courage, Energy, Grounding, and Focus

Physical Benefits

Pain, Circulation, Lung Problems, Immune System, EMF, and Headaches

More About Smoky quartz

One type of quartz is smoky quartz. It comes in different colours ranging from yellow-brown to a dark brown. Even though historically quartz stone was not considered special, in recent times this has changed. When it comes to grounding smoky quartz is an excellent stone. It not only has several very good healing properties that one expects from a quartz, it further dispels negative energy, cleanses the energy and body field from lower vibrations, defends the body against radiation and helps with multiple digestion issues.
Smoky quartz has the potential to bring serenity and calm into our lives as it can help in lowering the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It includes several other benefits such as bringing dreams into reality, refining communication skills and strengthening the sixth sense. Another notable feature of smoky quartz is that it supports the root chakra. How balanced, safe, stable and grounded we feel depends on our root chakra which is located at the base of our spine.