Mind / Emotional Benefits

Protection, Fights Negative Energy, and Courage,

Physical Benefits

Detox, Circulation, and Digestive System

More About Obsidian

Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed by the quick cooling of volcanic lava, with specific healing properties. It is truth-enhancing, it is more about finding ways to face up to all the different angles of yourself so that you are full and ready and invulnerable when it is finally time to step into that light. It creates a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies from the environment drawing out mental stress and tension.
Obsidian works to maintain physical and spiritual bodies perfectly connected in addition to keeping your mind focused. It keeps circulation flowing, helps with digestive issues and encourages deep-tissue healing. Injury-related shock is dissolved at the cellular level, which aids in reducing bleeding and accelerating the healing of wounds. Moreover, it provides warming of the extremities, such as persistently chilly hands and feet, and improves circulation even in extreme cases like hardening of the arteries in the legs brought on by smoking.