Green Turquoise




Throat and Third Eye

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Positivity, Communication, Inner Peace, Calming, Luck, Creativity, and Protection

Physical Benefits

Pain, Circulation, and Purification

More About Green Turquoise

Green turquoise stone is a symbol of purification and it’s colour range from blue to green, which generally has a uniform and smooth tint. It gives off peaceful, soothing and protective energy. Wearing it will protect you from the outside influences and airborne toxins while dispelling negative energy and helps you feel more connected to your intuition. The stone offers a calming, anchoring vibration that makes it an excellent meditation aid or stone to use when you are feeling overwhelmed. All of the chakras are balanced and aligned by turquoise, which also stabilises mood swings and promotes inner serenity.
This stone works wonders for fatigue, distress and can help stop panic attacks. Turquoise enhances and encourages self discovery and spiritual healing. It inspires romantic love and serves as a metaphors for friendship. Turquoise improves the immune system, stimulates tissue regeneration, aids in nutrition absorption, and heals the entire body. It has anti-inflammatory and purifying properties, eases cramps, and reduces pain. Turquoise has a strong connection with throat chakra and helps to clear and soothe sore throats and heals the eyes, including cataracts and also purifies lung .The stone also alleviates rheumatism, gout, and stomach problems while balancing over acidity.