Red Agate




Root, Heart, and Sacral

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Fight Negative Energy, Self Empowerment, Positivity, Logical Thinking, Creativity, and Strength,

Physical Benefits

Circulation, Lymphatic System, and Headaches

More About Red Agate

The stone symbolising strength is red agate. The Ancients used it to the breastplates of armor to strengthen warriors and ensure their victory in combat. In terms of energy, it is considered to provide physical and combat strength. Agate is a helpful stone for both students and artists since it fosters creativity and helps strengthen the intellect. It is sometimes referred to as a lucky stone. Agate’s role as a stone of harmony includes balancing yin/yang energy.
Red Agate boosts power. However, as a grounding stone, it allows for brief bursts of energy as required rather than constantly increasing energy. Agate serves as a conservation stone and lengthens life in this way. An extremely protective stone is agate. It makes a great stone for children’s amulets, medicine bags, jewellery, or just to carry around in a pocket because it is very protective for kids. According to legend, agates are particularly effective at preventing falls in kids. Agate is additionally utilised as a defence against evil spirits.