Yellow Citrine




Solar Plexus

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Joy, Success, Self-Esteem, Creativity, Depression, Focus, and Energy,

Physical Benefits

Allergies, Circulation, Fatigue, Skin, and Disease

More About Yellow Citrine

Often called the “gem of friendship”, citrine is a beautiful quartz stone of yellow-orange colour. Citrine comes from the French word for lemon. As citrine’s colours are like those of the sun, it is believed to contain solar energy. For over 2000 years, ancient Chinese used citrine as an emotional tonic. It was believed that citrine gemstones soothed anger, cooled tempers, and manifested wealth. Ancient Egyptians used citrine as sacred objects, the Greeks carved them into iconic images, and Roman priests made rings out of them.
In feng shui, citrine brings good fortune and wealth, and is thus known as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’. The medicinal characteristics of this stone are wide, thus it is good for treating both emotional and physical problems. It is said that this stone can help its bearer increase their feelings of self-esteem. Due to its calming effect on the body and mind, citrine is also considered an emotional healer. The stone is thought to have many health benefits, including better digestion and greater stamina. Traditionally it was used to fight infections, improve the flow of blood, and boost the immune system. Essentially, citrine can be viewed as the gemstone version of a natural hot spring.