Blue Sodalite




Third Eye and Throat

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Honesty, Communication, Acceptance, Loyalty, Intuition, Logic, Peace, Inspiration, and Anxiety

Physical Benefits

Throat, Immune System, Fever, Blood Pressure, and Headaches

More About Blue Sodalite

The vibrant blue hues of a gemstone can not only be attributed to Lapis Lazuli but Blue Sodalite as well. Alternatively nicknamed ‘The Poet’s Stone’, this gemstone is known to have multiple positive connotations in Hinduism and Feng Shui as well.
The comforting energy of Blue Sodalite makes it perfect for treating inflammation and relieving inflammatory illnesses, for instance, headaches and muscle strains. Furthermore, Blue Sodalite has cooling properties and aids with reducing the acidity in a body, resulting in a balanced pH. Individuals who are inventors, students, teachers, athletes, physical therapists or meditation practitioners would benefit the most from the calming properties of this stone. With regards to health benefits, Sodalite is celebrated for aiding in metabolisms, strengthening the immune system and its properties for the throat. In Hinduism, Sodalite is associated with the 3rd chakra or the throat. As a result, it’s aids with any throat, vocal cords or larynx problems that one might have. Moreover, the stone can also help the lymphatic system, and digestive disorders. The soothing stone additionally helps with insomnia.
Sodalite creates a balanced emotional state for a person. It allows an individual to understand that the nature of their emotional worries are due to their hormonal imbalance. Therefore, it aids with expressing and dealing with more negative emotions in a healthier manner, with less aggression or hurt. It additionally enhances confidence through improving self-love and self-esteem. This stone is known to calm anxiety and stress through encouraging detachment from everyday concerns and worries. Thus, a person can see their reality from a more serene perspective. Moreover, it encourages communication and truth, helping a person understand other’s intentions and allowing them to speak their truth.