Blue Turquoise




Throat and Third Eye

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Peace, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Strength, Balance, and Wisdom

Physical Benefits

Throat, Respatory Issues, Allergies, Migraines, and Immune System

More About Blue Turquoise

Blue Turquoise is an opaque stone that ranges from blue to green in colour. The most valuable stones are smooth, solid in colour while many stones have brown veins throughout. The word “Turquoise” comes from French meaning “Turkish” because the stone was introduced to Europe from Turkey.
Spiritual Meaning of Turquoise is of a purification stone as it expels negative energy and balances all the chakras, stabilises mood swings and instils inner calm. This stone has a calming energy that makes it great for when you are feeling overwhelmed or to aid in meditation. It connects you to the spiritual world and strengthens your connection to intuition. It prevents panic attacks, depression, and exhaustion. It promotes realisation and assists creative problem-solving.
It is a symbol of friendship and love. It can help you become more open to love and forgiveness, and release patterns of self-sabotage. It can be worn to protect against outside influences and environmental pollutants. Turquoise helps in healing the body as it aids in the absorption of nutrients, strengthens immunity and helps in the regeneration of tissues. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. It purifies the lungs, clears sore throat, and heals the eyes such as cataracts. It has many other health benefits such as healing rheumatism, gout, stomach problems and viral infections.