Green Jade





Mind / Emotional Benefits

Love, Balance, Luck, Peace, Friendship, Harmony, Fights Negative Energy, and Fertility

Physical Benefits

Kidneys, Heart, Spleen, Metabolism, Nervous System, Stress, Depression, Joint, Bone, Detox, Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, and Pregnancy

More About Green Jade

Green Jade is a revered healing crystal known for its vibrant green color and holistic properties. This crystal is cherished for promoting abundance, harmony, and balance. It’s believed to attract good luck and prosperity while fostering emotional well-being. Green Jade is often used to soothe the mind, encourage self-reflection, and enhance clarity of thought. Its gentle energy is thought to help release negativity and promote feelings of serenity and inner peace. By harnessing the positive vibrations of Green Jade, one can invite renewal and growth into their life, both spiritually and emotionally.