Red Jasper




Sacral and Root

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Energy, Revitalize, Unity, Stability, Honesty, Focus, Strength, Passion, and Confidence

Physical Benefits

Circulatory System, Ward Off Danger, and Sexual Issues

More About Red Jasper

Red Jasper is referred to as the “ultimate nurturer.” It provides stability and support during stressful times and promotes peace and wholeness. Jasper offers security and neutralises harmful energy. It achieves yin-yang balance. Radiation and electromagnetic pollution are both removed by Jasper. It promotes being honest with oneself. Offers one the confidence to face problems head-on. Helps with rapid thinking and encourages organisational skills. Jasper encourages innovation and gets things moving. Increases sexual pleasure. It restores the body’s energy and provides support throughout serious illness.
Red jasper is a very protective stone in addition to being mildly exciting. Radiation and other types of electromagnetic and environmental pollutants can be neutralised by it. Red jasper grounds energy and corrects unfair circumstances. Brings issues to light and offers guidance in trying circumstances. Red Jasper is a great “worry bead” for calming the mind.