Rose Quartz





Mind / Emotional Benefits

Love, Compassion, Self-Esteem, Forgiveness, Joy, Self-Love, and Peace

Physical Benefits

Thrombosis, Heart Attacks, and Circulatory System

More About Rose Quartz

The most favourite and beautiful among the mineral class quartz is Rose Quartz. It is light pink. The crystal structure of Rose Quartz is hexagonal. They have translucent transparency. It means Rose Quartz allows some light to pass through it. Unsurprisingly, Rose Quartz symbolises love and sympathy. This crystal has a host of healing characteristics. The pink colour of the crystal is highly recognisable and helps with calmness, compassion, and universal love. The soothing power of this colour induces joy and peace in mind and heart. Furthermore, Rose Quartz is also called “ Heart Crystal.” It promotes love between families. It also strengthens the bond between friends. The magnificent colour of Rose Quartz brings spiritual, emotional, and physical calmness. Above all, this amazing quartz that acts as an aphrodisiac and consolidates the love and desire between you and your partner. It also suppresses negative feelings. Moreover, it wipes out personal conflicts and help suppress nightmares and helps in pleasant dreams.