Green Fluorite





Mind / Emotional Benefits

Clarity, Decision Making, Honesty, Creativity, and Growth

Physical Benefits

Detox, Additctions, Infection, Bone, Joint, and Tissue

More About Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite helps ensure that one’s ideas, words, and deeds are in line with their actual purpose by bringing the mind and the heart into harmony. One of the most valuable and sought-after crystals in the world, fluorite is adored by both mineralogists and metaphysical healers. The fluorite crystal has an inherent structure of order and perfection that resonates with the human mind, unlike any other crystal. It is a remarkable creation of nature that is lovely and luminous, delicate and glassy, and colourful. It transmits a tranquil, consistent frequency that transforms dispersed and discordant energies into coherence and harmony and provides order to chaos.
Fluorite encourages spirituality and contemplation, attention and focus, and overall life balance. Green Fluorite is a mineral that has many properties. It enhances the immune system, helps the body regenerate cells, and assimilates essential nutrients. It is also good for the bones and teeth. It eases pain from arthritis and helps to heal emotional and physical scars. It is also said to heal sore throats, ulcers, and stomach upsets. it also detoxifies the body. Green Fluorite is said to have properties that can help people deal with the effects of stress and anxiety. It helps a person find balance and clarity in their thoughts, and removes negative energy from the environment. It can also relieve physical pain, aid in healing, and increase psychic awareness.