Solar Plexus and Heart

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Stabilise Mood, Jealousy, Self Improvemnet, Reduce Anxiety, Stress, Focus, and Love,

Physical Benefits

Liver, Gall Bladder, Digestive System, Detox, Skin, and Birth Pain

More About Peridot

The beautiful deep lime-green Peridot is widely known as a powerful healing crystal for it has been strongly associated with good health , a happier home life , an assistant in finances , cellular rejuvenation and reducing ageing. Connected with the zodiac sign of Leo and recognised as the birthstone of August this gem has also been used in ancient times for the purpose of warding of evil in the night, a common use was to help relieve nightmares .
The majestic spiritual crystal vibrates gloriously with ones Heart and Solar Plexus chakra helping cooling off anger and wash out negativities such as depression , insomnia , jealousy . The gem invites open-heartedness , joy , abundance and an ease in manifestation. Peridot is a robust and secure crystal which will surely help you lead a healthy , happy and financially abundant lifestyle.