Blue Goldstone




Heart, Crown, and Throat

Mind / Emotional Benefits

Mental Health, Self-Love, Fight Negative Energy, Courage, and Motivation

Physical Benefits

Headaches, Migrains, Eyesight, Bulimia, Anorexia, and Pain

More About Blue Goldstone

The Blue Goldstone is a man-made glittering crystal that is not only beautiful but it also has a protective aura. This starry night stone is more commonly known as “The Stone of Ambition” whose history dates back to the 1600s. People that own a Blue Goldstone benefit from its healing and energising properties. Blue Goldstone can aid its owner in many ways. Firstly, it aids in warding off negativity, not only in the surroundings but also within oneself. It helps with self-love and absorbing healing energies. It is an excellent resource for people are that are Empaths as the Blue Goldstone clears the path of the throat chakra creating ease for expressing yourself vocally.
It help one to be more confident and ambitious so hence is a natural fighter against procrastination. Are you struggling to work towards your daily goals?
The Blue Goldstone can act as an attractive centre point for your manifestations surrounding ambitions and long-term goals. Some of its physical healing properties include resolving stomach tensions along with joint pressures and arthritic pain. The Stone of Ambitions’ healing properties is deep but also calm and relaxing. It allows us to embrace who we are and accept our weaknesses or faults of character. All in all, the Blue Goldstone can guide your emotions, and spiritual journey all the while benefitting your physical health.